WIBusiness provides support to women entrepreneurs to grow a successful business through marketing, self-growth and leadership mentoring, workshops, training,
tools and resources.


Learn – It’s tough to keep on top of the current marketing trends! WIB provides weekly tips, articles, and new training each month on a different method of marketing your business so you can find and implement the marketing methods that will work for your business!

Grow – Growing your business is a constant job. Enjoy networking, mentorship from our mentors, motivation, tools and resources to help you take your business to the next level!

Succeed – Everyone wants to be a success! WIB supports you in all aspects of what it takes to become just that; business, marketing, personal growth and leadership–not to mention promotion for your business!


  • Access to Training Library on Website
  • Monthly Training Reports
  • Weekly Tips and Articles to Help You Build Your Businesss
  • Listing on the Online Women in Business Directory
  • Discount Off Mentor Services such as Copywriting, Website Services, Social Media Training and more!
  • Get Acquainted/Mentoring Call with Sherry Simoes, Founder & Marketing Mentor
  • Commercial on WIB Radio!
  • Article on Networking In The Real World E-zine

If you want your business to grow or take off, this is an amazing opportunity to get educated, take action, stay motivated and on track!

Membership is just $99/year!

Check Out All The Membership Benefits HERE

What Women Are Saying:

I was just looking at my linked in portfolio and how awesome it is. All thanks to your training! xo
Jackie Thomas www.breakthroughcanada.com
I thoroughly enjoy my relationship with WIB and working with Sherry Simoes. The mentors are incredibly knowledgeable and giving women.
Merri Macartney www.merrimacartney.com
Women in Business Founder Sherry Simoes reflects the down to earth, genuine caring that I find in every meeting. I love the presence of friendly, generous sharing of ideas and practical ways to interact in business. The diverse group of entrepreneurs create an interesting format for workshops and training. Positively!
Pauline Duncan Thrasher – www.amazinglyyou.com



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