Jackie2by Jackie Thomas, Breakthrough Mentor

Everyone has habits, we are habitual people.  For the most part we like order and structure and knowing what will come next and we have developed many habits in our life to support that.  Many times we created habits without even being conscious about creating them.

We know that healthy habits can provide great benefit in our lives.  If we know that, then why are they so hard to stick with?  Usually most of us can set the intention and start a healthy habit, but then it is not too long and we are derailed.

In this article I have included 5 tips to help you create and sustain healthy habits that will help you stay on track in the direction you want to go.


It is important that you know what exactly you want this new habit to do for you and it is important that you are specific.  Let’s say for example you want to lose weight, so your new habit is walking every day.   Losing weight is an extremely broad term.  You want to be specific and know how much weight you want to loose and by when. As much as I teach to dream big.  In this case you want to fly like an eagle, and plan like a mouse.  See yourself at your new weight every time you walk and to be honest, I would go even deeper than that and ask yourself, why do you want to lose the weight, what will that give you.  That leads us to point #2.


Time and time again we will lose interest in something if we do not know to the core why we are doing it. Our why has to be so big that a tornado would not stop us from going for a walk. Well, maybe a tornado, but that is itJ    Your why could be that you want a healthy heart so that you can live long and play with your grandkids, it might be so that you can walk around the mall with your friend without getting tired, enjoying endless laughter and conversation.  Know your why.


You will want to be as consistent as you can. For example go for your walk at the same time every single day. Your body and brain will start to be conditioned in that and they will let you know when you forget it. I know when I walk every day and then do not for a day or two, my body/mind lets me know because I get really grumpy.  Shhhhhhh. That is our little secret.


This tip is massively important.  If you have set the intent to create a new habit of walking 5x a week for 30 minutes each time and you know why you are doing it, you do it at the same time every day and then, you do not get out for a walk for 3 days in a row.  What happens? Now Mrs. Guilt comes over and over stays her welcome.   The next time this happens, when Mrs. Guilt comes knocking at your door, peep out the peep hole and pretend you are not home.   Take a deep breath and schedule your walk for that day or tomorrow.  If you do not do that the guilt leads to more guilt to more guilt, to you give up your new healthy habit all together.


Make sure no matter what you are in the vibration of fun.   Continuously ask yourself, what is more fun, going for that walk or eating a bag of Oreo cookies.  If eating the bag of cookies is more fun, that is ok, just eat them, no guilt aloud and know that was your choice.   Next time a walk might be more fun.  This one took me a bit to unravel as well, but well worth it when you do.

Life is seeking a fuller, freer expanded expression from you and wanting more is the more natural, normal thing in the world.  How do we do that?  We create healthy lasting habits for success.

Happy Habit Making My Friends.

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