Being Thoughtful In Business Builds Relationships

Send a card on a special occasion
Send a handwritten note
Send an email just touching base
Make a phone call
Send a Facebook Message
Write a Review on their Business Facebook Page
Comment on a Post
Share their Newsletter
Help at their event
Give a helpful tip
Give them feedback or advice for free
Go the [...]

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Kimi Bois, Gypsy Scents

Kimi Bois has a passion for what she does and prides herself on producing a line of quality products that have been well researched and her commitment to satisfaction.

Her company, Gypsy Scents manufactures quality skin and hair care products that are naturally derived and well researched. We are committed to creating small-batch products that are [...]

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Sarah Fortune, House of Fortune & EleSense

Sarah Fortune is one busy woman running not one but two successful businesses, House of Fortune and EleSense, instructing DDP Yoga classes and traveling!

Sarah says; "The reason I do what I do is because I love being able to help people whether it's giving them the joy of having one hour of self-care to revitalize [...]

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Effective Goals Can be a Great Motivating Force

Just about everyone has heard, and most people agree to some extent, that goal setting is a great way to get yourself where you want to go in life. If you feel you can’t seem to reach the life you know you were born to lead, or the business success you desire then effective goals [...]

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Leanne Dargie, Lesada

Leanne Dargie, Transformation Maven of Lesada, is a makeup artist, style consultant and health coach who specializes in working with women who want to improve their image, mental wellness, and health.

She just celebrated her two year anniversary with Lesada this Sept 2017!

When not busy growing her business she loves spending time with her daughter, Adele [...]

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Donna Conrad, Nimues Closet

Donna has been in the Pagan/Spiritual community for 30 years. She runs SpiralScouts International, ( Pagan youth Scouting Organization).
When I asked Donna what she likes to do when not working hard running her  business she said "I love spending time with friends and family, usually at the beach or camping in the summer, or cuddled [...]

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Why You Need to Nework

While being a solo entrepreneur sounds wonderful, it can also put a lot of pressure on you if you don’t have a support system or team of individuals to help you succeed.

Networking can keep you moving forward with your goals.

Somewhere along the line, there was at least one person who reached out and helped someone [...]

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Practical Steps to Practicing Gratitude

WHAT YOU FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON EXPANDS.  Scientists are discovering that energy never dies; rather, it changes form as attention is focused on it.  Thoughts are energy.  A belief is a thought with expectations attached.  Everything starts with a thought and reality is created by expectant thoughts.

One of the universal laws is the Law of [...]

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Email Frequency – When Should You Mail

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a number or a schedule you could follow? While it would be great if there was research that suggested that mailing exactly every 5 days gets you the best results every time, there is no such thing. And there’s a very good reason for it.

Every market, every niche, [...]

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Keep Your Email Subscribers Waiting For More

Using Foreshadowing to Create Anticipation

There’s a pretty neat strategy called foreshadowing that you can use in your email marketing to improve open rates. You may have seen this used on news programs and talk shows. Right before the commercial break, the hosts announces what’s coming up next. The idea is that you’re intrigued enough to [...]

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