Communication that clicks is more than just fleeting, happy feelings.

It is about forging relationships built on mutual trust and respect based on how you communicate.

By Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Communications Mentor

Do you know how you feel when a speaker is just not clicking with you?

Your eyes wander, probably to your cell phone.  Your mind trips off to more interesting venues. Your fingers might start tapping impatiently.  When will this be over?

In a professional setting if your communication does not click with your client whether it is one to one or one to many, existing clients will leave. Potential clients will look elsewhere.


Now imagine how you feel when a speaker does click!

Their message and delivery are just right for you.

You feel engaged, excited, eager to hear more.

Time flies when the speaker is successful.

During more than thirty years of studying successful speakers, practicing my own speaking and training and coaching students of all ages in the art of speaking I have discovered one element that enables the speaker to soar to success.

This one trait that sets you as speaker apart from the crowds of would be’s and wanna be’s.,that moves you from mediocre to marvelous?

Communication that clicks conveys your passionate conviction that what you do helps others.

It is your heart speaking that will inspire clients to connect .

It is your strong belief in your service or product and yourself as the provider that overcomes all hurdles.

The foundation of that strong passion is research, training, preparation.


Many of you reading this may be health care providers. In the past week I have met and been impressed with two health care givers who provided me with personal care  for head and  toe literally!

The first encounter involved a little nervousness on my part as it involved Oral surgery . The second was my first encounter with professional foot care.

Kudos to both Dr. Anne and Robin who showed professional joy in their work and who inspired my trust right from the start. Both communicated with me in a way that said “I genuinely care.” Their personalities and professionalism combined beautifully to create a communication that clicked.

Believe in your ability to make a difference every time you speak, share, or provide a service and you will in fact Be Amazingly You!

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