Start It Up Website Content Package
5 pages (Home, About, Services/Products, Contact + one page of their choice)
includes strategic placement of SEO keywords
$575 (WIB Members $497)
Fix It Up Website Content Package
Review & revisions to current website (up to 5 pages)
editing & rewriting to improve messaging, use/implementation of SEO keywords, generate increased visibility & visitors
$300 (WIB Members $247)
Quick Introduction
Two introductions for use at events, networking meetings, etc.
includes where and how to add-in additional info as appropriate for communicating specials, etc.
$70 (WIB Members $60)
add in Effective Communication Coaching with our Communications Mentor Pauline Duncan-Thrasher = $140 (WIB Members $120)
Blogs & Beyond Package
4 blog posts, plus one newsletter story to lead to one selected blog
includes strategic use of SEO keywords, titles, and items to use on promo graphics and in social media posts
$197 (WIB Members $147)
Catchy Taglines
Just the Tag: 4-8 tagline options that communicate the what/why/how/vision of the business
$175 (WIB Members $125)
More than Just the Tag
4-8 tagline options as above, plus 3-5 short-but-detailed descriptions of products/services/business for use on social media profiles, email signatures, etc.
$215 (WIB Members $197)
Stop the Press! Press Releases
Generate media interest in an upcoming event, product launch, etc.
$150 for writing & distribution to appropriate media outlets (WIB Members $115)
$115 for press release only (WIB Members $97)
Also offers ‘mixed bag’ writing, editing & consulting on a per-hour basis (for writing or editing advertisements, flyers, posters, email campaigns; editing books, workshop/course materials, etc.), as follows:
$50/hour for one hour
$180 for four hours (save $20)
$320 for eight hours (save $80)
Hours can be purchased and used on an as-needed basis; they don’t expire and are tracked on a weekly or monthly basis, as appropriate for the amount of ongoing work in each situation.
Contact Dawn Lyons, WIB Copywriting Mentor for all your copy needs!
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