If you are in a Direct Sales business you need to market yourself so you stand out from the others representing the same company as you!

Our Direct Sales Mentor, Janet Benedict can support you to do this with her Get Clients Now TM Services!

Get Clients Now 6 Week Program

Learn to create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things per day!


  • What really works to market your professional services and what doesn’t
  • Over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing your business
  • How to diagnose marketing ailments within your Universal Marketing Cycle
  • Discover the missing ingredients that can prevent you from being successful
  • Break out of “analysis paralysis” and make the right choices about spending time & money on marketing


  • 60-minute live session with me each week held at your computer on Zoom conference at a convenient time reserved for you.
  • Resources and tips in support of you working toward your goals
  • A toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques
  • Your own customized 28-day marketing plan that you can use over and over
  • Opportunities to promote through The Canadian Networker extensive network
  • Coaching, accountability, perspective and support
  • Availability for an S.O.S. Call in between sessions
  • Your own copy of the book Get Clients Now!TM


Don’t wait any longer for your success to come to you, make it happen NOW!


Get Clients Now! TM is a trademark of Wings for Business LLC and is used under license


One Payment of $497 (Save $37)

Six Weekly Payment of $89

Get Clients Now 12 Week Program

The entire program above broken down into 12 weeks. With this choice you get double the coaching! Twelve 60-minute live session with Janet each week held at your computer on Zoom conference at a convenient time reserved for you!

WEEK 1         What really works?  Effective strategies for where your business is now and where you want it to go  

  • Where do you start?  The marketing and sales cycle
    • Where are you headed? Setting a goal and putting a plan in action
    • What’s stopping you?  Selecting the right success ingredients for your business
    • What is next?  Choosing from the Action Plan menu
    • Are you ready? Putting the system into action

WEEK 2         Strategies – Filling the pipeline when you do not know enough people to contact

WEEK 3         Strategies – Following up when you know enough people but do not know how to connect with them effectively

WEEK 4         Strategies – Sales conversations when you are contacting people but not getting a chance to sell to them

WEEK 5         Strategies – Closing sales when you are having the sales conversation, but not getting the sale

WEEK 6         Tracking, Accountability, Results

WEEK 7         Where do we go from here?

WEEK 8         Confidence

WEEK 9         Direct Contact

WEEK 10       Networking/Referral Building

WEEK 11       Follow Up

WEEK 12       Public Speaking/Writing/Promotional events and advertising

12 Weekly Payments of $49

1 Payment of $549 (save $39)

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