By Sherry Lynn Simoes

You have finally made the decision that it is time to make some changes in your life or business but how exactly are you going to implement these changes?  You are going to have a “plan of action”.


A plan of action is crucial to your success.  Without a plan it is merely a thought.  When you add your thoughts to paper coupled with a desire to see them become realities and proceed to do everything possible to fulfill that desire you have a template for success.


A simple equation to use when creating a plan of action from your template is:  Desire + Effort = Results.


Your first step is to write down what exactly it is you desire.  Make your desires realistic.  For example, if your desire is to lose 20 pounds, it is unrealistic to believe you can lose 20 pounds in 3 days.   However, it is possible to lose 20 pounds in 3 months with a proper plan of action. An business example might be that you desire to obtain 10 new clients, It is unrealistic to believe you can obtain 10 new clients in a few days. It may be realistic that you can obtain 10 new clients in 3 weeks – depending upon the nature of what the client is purchasing from you.


It is so important to note that there should be a time frame with regards to your plan.  These time frames are the milestones to marking your achievements.


Now that you know what your specific desire is, list the ways in which you plan on achieving optimum results.  What effort will you put into it? How do you plan to lose these 20 pounds or obtain your 10 new clients?  What do you have to do each day in order to achieve your goal?  What do you personally need to do to see this plan come to fruition?


Set up a schedule outlining each step that needs to be taken daily to achieve weekly goals.  Be specific.  Create a daily “to do” list.  At the end of the week you will be able to see how much you were able to accomplish.  Congratulate yourself for each accomplishment.


Make a commitment to yourself to “Work the Plan”.  Stay focused on the positive.  List all the reasons why you will be able to achieve your objective. Utilize the strengths you possess that will help you to complete your plan.


Know your weaknesses and make a concerted effort to overcome them.  Incorporate both your strengths and weakness into your plan of action.


Have your own personal reward system in place.  Know what each reward will be for each accomplishment that you have fulfilled throughout your plan.  With every desired result you achieve there should be a reward for having done so.


Do not let yourself get disheartened.  If you have a temporary lapse or deviation from the plan. Acknowledge it and continue to move forward with your plan.


We’ve all heard the adage “Rome was not built in a day”.


When I work with my marketing coaching clients and they start to get disappointed when results may not happen quite as fast as they hoped for I encourage them to keep the faith. When the time comes that they start to see things happening they always agree that it was worth the wait!


Happy Planning!
Sherry Lynn

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