Donna has been in the Pagan/Spiritual community for 30 years. She runs SpiralScouts International, ( Pagan youth Scouting Organization).

When I asked Donna what she likes to do when not working hard running her  business she said “I love spending time with friends and family, usually at the beach or camping in the summer, or cuddled up enjoying a movie in the winter.  I love spending time with my 3 grand daughters and watching them grow”.

Donna’s new store, Nimue’s Closet is a metaphysical shop that carries Pagan/Spiritual supplies , wares of local artists, as well as various services  (tarot, henna) and workshops focused on various  alternative subjects.

This business has been Donna’s dream for about 20 plus years.  Since the original shop  (Merlin’s Whim) in London closed and through talking in my community Donna found there was a need that was not being filled so she decided to do her best to fill it.  It’s important for those with alternative beliefs to have a safe and welcoming place to shop, learn and network and Donna strives for her business to be that place

Focusing on more on hard to find Pagan/spiritual products and services, the store is more like a community hub where people can explore, talk and network in a safe and welcoming environment.   People tend to come in , sit down and chat, just as much as they come in to shop.

Donna says “People can expect a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental space, with knowledgeable staff, who actually care.   I not just run the store but i am directly involved in the community as well, so I can help people network.  They can expect the genuine article, I do not carry fake items or curios. 

Donna takes the time to talk to and get to know her customers face to face.  This is that part of my business she loves the most. I have  had the chance to visit the store and I know this rings true as I felt most welcome from the moment I walked in the door! If you get the chance you must stop by and visit!

Address – 211 King Street, London, Ontario

Website –

Phone – 226-678-1550

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