facebook PLanby Sherry Lynn Simoes, Founder and Marketing Coach

To make Facebook work for you, you must have a solid plan! This may take some time to create but once you do you will be so happy that you took the time!

After you create a plan you will also need to create a plan for each thing you want to accomplish on Facebook as well.

But let’s start with your main plan!

1 – Establish your goals for your Facebook Marketing. This is typically the same for each entrepreneur which is to get more paying clients but if you dig a little deeper you may be able to find some more goals. Maybe to increase blog or website traffic, increase event bookings?

2 – Make a list of all the places on Facebook you have to post. Your pages, groups, regular event pages, other peoples pages.

3 – Make a list of the the groups you belong to and what you are allowed to post what days. For example; Monday’s are Upcoming Event Days in the WIB Free Member Group.

4 – Figure out how much time you can spend a day. You can get amazing response in an hour a day, but if your business is part time perhaps a half hour is all you can handle.

5 – Plan your daily tasks. Now that you know your groups and what you can post when this will be a good start. Then add when you want to post on your pages.

6 – Add your other marketing methods to your list. I always teach that you should integrate all your marketing methods together where possible. For instance,you may want to post on your blog 1st and also Tweet and add it to your website.

As I mentioned before, this is your main plan but taking it a step forward each thing you want to accomplish needs a plan.
If you want to fill an event you need to look at your daily task list and alter it to apply to it. If you want to promote an event you need a daily/weekly and monthly plan – perhaps even longer depending on the nature. If you want to get traffic to your blog you need a plan for this. Are you going to write a post each week and get it out there with a link pointing people to it? Are you going to post it a few different ways so that you do not post the same sales post.

Be on the lookout for discussions where it is suitable to post that will lead back or hint about what you do and can help establish you as an expert in your field. Be careful what it is you post. I often see people posting blatant sales post in the most inappropriate discussions which really puts people off. Remember Facebook is all about Relationship Building which is why it is so important to be consistent and really work it. If you do the magic will start to happen. I now can fill many events and workshops through Facebook but it took time before this started to happen. Be patient and keep it up and you can get great results like I do!

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