As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, inspirational speaker and creator of, the Prosperity Intensive program, Georgia March ignites a fire of possibilities for everyone by showing them how to see things differently. She offers a unique, creative approach to developing golden relationships with everyone and including money. She invests happiness time at the easel, playing music or with friends.


Georgia’s Services

One-on-one Prosperity Mentoring

Work with Georgia on your specific goals in a private session.

WIB Members Rate:  $50/hour
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Prosperity Intensive Workshop

Do You Wonder Why Prosperity Eludes You?

Find answers and strategies with the Prosperity Intensive workshop, created to build your personal wealth.

Experiential Learning is the key as you progress through the steps of the action workshop:
· Specially designed exercises that help you recognize and release scarcity patterns from this and previous lifetimes including a visit to the Akashic Records
· Money Matters, a process developed exclusively by Georgia, in which participants physically and emotionally experience the ‘feeling’ of perpetual prosperity.
· Discover the way to attract prosperity at will, once that feeling has been practised and memorized.
· Guaranteed follow-up CARE program.

This is not a workshop that you attend and then shelve. These life-changing methods are reinforced with continued peer support, and the follow-up CARE program is guaranteed to attract financial abundance and keep it flowing in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a regular basis. This is your opportunity to step out of where you are financially, and step into where you want to be.

WIB Member Rate: $99.97 (non-members) $299.97
Next Workshop Date: Friday, May 12, 2017 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, London, ON

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