World English Dictionaries definition of Time Management is

– the analysis of how working hours are spent and the prioritization of tasks in order to maximize personal efficiency in the workplace

Or in my words… activities, ideas or methods that help a person perform their tasks in a speedier, quality-conscious-manner within a given time frame.

Managing the time you spend on your marketing activities is a crucial component of running your business.

In business, there is an overwhelming urge to multi-task. Not only is there an overwhelming number but a variety of activities that one is faced with especially if you are a sole proprietor. If you can group your marketing tasks into one organized block of time you will save time the other days of the week because you will not be jumping around and fitting tasks in here and there and getting side tracked from what you are doing.

When I work with my coaching clients one of the first things we do is choose a day and time for their “Marketing Day”. Yes, I said Marketing DAY! Most people think this is way too much time to take way from their week but if you truly want to succeed this amount of time is needed. Based upon a few things such as your business size, desired growth and lifestyle this Marketing Day may be a few hours or a full day.

This portion of your week would include tasks such as your social media scheduling, online networking, website updates, blogging, follow-up, article writing, program or product planning and marketing, newsletter etc.

This block of time also needs time management!

The first step is an efficient, time managed marketing day to create a list of your recurring tasks that you need to do every Marketing Day and a list of ones that need to be done each month that will serve as your checklist.

At the beginning of your Marketing Day make a list of all the tasks you need to get done that day which are in addition to your regular tasks.

Prioritize your activities in a way that works best for you. This may mean the most important tasks are done first, and less important tasks for the time of the day when you are at your lowest in terms of productivity or perhaps you would prefer clearing your mind clutter by getting all the little tasks out of the way first so that all that is left is the more intense task or tasks that you can give your full attention to. That is the method I prefer.

Here are a few simple tips to make the most of your time on Marketing Day:

If your phone rings off he hook like mine you may want to put the answering machine on and check it every couple hours on your marketing day. This may or may not work for you. If you can hear who is calling like my very cool talking phone you can choose which calls to pick up.

Use the most efficient way to do each of your tasks. There are so many tools and services out there that make things a breeze that it is worth the time and effort to find the best ones!

Outsource when it makes sense! If it takes you 4 hours to design your newsletter and you can pay $50 to have it done I think this is a no brainier! You can make more money during those 4 hours doing what you do best! Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Automate whatever you can such as logos auto-posting to Facebook and Linked In.

Plan and do things ahead. If you have some extra time write a series of articles or social media posts. Do a couple newsletters and schedule them to go out at the desired time.

Marketing consistently is the key! Don’t stop marketing when you have lots of business. Keeps the momentum going and if you wait until you need business to try and get business you will have times where you have no business!

Marketing can be fun and challenging if you manage your time wisely!

If you do not know where to start a marketing coach can help you choose your effective marketing methods and make a time managed plan for your marketing day!

Happy Marketing!!
Sherry Lynn

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