Kimi Bois has a passion for what she does and prides herself on producing a line of quality products that have been well researched and her commitment to satisfaction.

Her company, Gypsy Scents manufactures quality skin and hair care products that are naturally derived and well researched. We are committed to creating small-batch products that are free of synthetic ingredients, parabens, and other components that are considered concerning in topical applications.

Kimi says; “I always loved having scents to enjoy in my home, however synthetic ingredients in candles and incense caused an unpleasant reaction. Using essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients has reduced most of my unpleasant reactions and as an added bonus, I’ve discovered an unlimited opportunity for using these wonderful ingredients in many other areas of life”.

Kimi’s products are well researched, not just for the quality of ingredients that she uses, but also for the components that she is looking to fulfill. She aims to understand the underlying issue that drives the need for particular products, and she works with that information, as prevention is worth more than dealing with the aftermath of any issue. She also wanted to ensure a unique quality within the scent and variety of the options available. It’s a passion she brings to everything she does, a striving for excellence within her field.

When a customer engages in conversation with Kimi, they not only get the information about products they have interest in, but also a better understanding of how they can help improve their lives naturally, and an open invitation to ask any questions they have a need, at any time.

Kimi says; “This is a passion that I am always willing to share. I love to answer questions, and if I don’t know, I will find out”.

In her spare time Kimi says “I love to read. Anything and everything, I’m reading right now about diseases throughout history as well as a book about life in the middle ages. I love to learn”.


Phone 226.927.5759



Twitter @GypsyScents

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