Do you love audio CD’s and ongoing learning?
The WIB CD of the Month Club is the perfect way to do so!

Each month you will receive a CD specially chosen by our Personal Growth and Leadership Mentor that will be available for pick up at the WIB London Meetings or mailed to you direct for a modest additional fee.
Purchases count towards your WIB Life Rewards!

Cost $15/month ($10/Month for Executive & Entrepreneur Members)
Tax included

Mailed to your home for an additional $5 just to cover the postage![level-entrepreneur]

Do you require shipping?


Do you require shipping?




Here are a couple examples of what you will receive:

The CD for February is Becoming Professional


by Dario Brose with Chris Brady

Dario Brose shares a personal story about how he used strength and perseverance to overcome a mountain of obstacles on his way to becoming a professional soccer player. By finding your passion in LIFE, you will discover a yearning deep inside to continue learning absolutely everything there is to know about your passion. Becoming an expert in any field requires hard work and dedication. Don’t expect a flawless ride; not everything will always work out the way you plan it. Nonetheless, you must keep your dream alive and never give up!

The CD for December is Change

DecCDJoin the Club (or order) by November 30 for Pick Up at the WIB Dec 16 Meeting

Melanie, our Personal Growth and Leadership Mentor thought this was a good topic as most people start of the new year wanting to “change”, ditching old habits and developing new ones. Here is what the CD is about!
Winners hate losing enough to change, and losers hate change enough to lose. As a leader, you have to WANT to change enough to establish strong, consistent habits that provide the opportunity for growth and development and, thereby, enable you to achieve your desired long-term results.

The CD for November is The Lens Effect by Orrin Woodward

leneffectOrrin delivers a highly motivational talk giving you the tools needed to thrive through change. The lens through which you view the world has a huge impact on the level of success you will achieve.

Please place your order or join the Club by Nov 5 if you want to pick up at the Nov. 18 Meeting in London!

Insights on Attitude and The Will to Win by Bill Lewis

Will to WinLearn how you can change your attitude as well as how others perceive you by reprogramming your mind to see, hear, and feel things in a more positive light. By reading, studying, and listening to positive, encouraging materials and surrounding yourself with people who have a good attitude, you can alter your way of thinking and bring about beneficial changes in your life. There will always be challenges to face, but dealing with them is much easier when you have a spirit of love and light. Don’t worry if others don’t embrace your positive change at first, and certainly don’t let anyone steal your joy! Always lead by example and strive for peace, love, and happiness!


Visualize Your Future by Dan Hawkins

DreamsDan Hawkins shares his personal story of success showing us that we are the creators of our own destinies.  You either take a walk down the road of positivity, success-thinking, and determination or you take the path of darkness and live in negativity.  It’s your choice, so do all that you can to create a future of good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness with blessings galore.  Be a dreamer and become a leader in LIFE.

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