Our Mentor Team is here for you to support you to build a successful business. Each month at our Monthly Meetings, our mentors choose a topic and lead you in a Mini-Mastermind so you go away with knowledge and answers to some of the most burning issues facing entrepreneurs today! You can also work with our mentors one-on-one for a special member rate of just $50 per session!

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Sherry Lynn Simoes

Sherry Lynn is the founder of WIBusiness and a marketing expert who works with small and home-based women entrepreneurs to build a successful business through finding the right marketing methods to make the missing pieces fit. She works from home on the family farm and loves spending time enjoying her horses, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats and her parrot, Thunder.

Sherry offers Marketing Mentoring on the phone or in person by request.


book_onlineEmail sherry@wibusiness.net


Director & Business & Direct Sales Mentor

Janet Benedictjanetbenedict-2-colour-web (2)

With 22 years of experience offering training and motivation to create success for thousands of direct sellers in corporate Canada, Janet is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to overcome the struggles they face in promoting their direct sales businesses. She believes that everyone has the power to succeed and offers mentoring and the Get Clients Now TM! Program for small businesses and direct sales entrepreneurs.

Email janet@thecanadiannetworker.ca
Website www.thecanadiannetworker.ca


PaulinepicCommunications Mentor

Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

Pauline is a Certified Positivity Training and Communication Coach who works with women who want to learn to speak with confidence, on and off the stage. Whether it be your 30 second intro that needs polishing or you have an important meeting to lead or talk to present, Pauline can work with you on what to say and how to say it! She also works with women who want to change their lives: women who are tired of leading joyless, frantic, rushed, meaningless lives and want to experience positive energy and laughter, relaxation and focused success.



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