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Carrie Anne Stephenson

Carrie Anne has performed as comic for several years. Single with 4 cats and she loves to dress up her cats in tutus. She enjoys white wine with her cheerios for breakfast and her ambition is to have Louis CK’s love child…to annoy the cats!

Get Real

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Christine Vandenbor

Christine is the founder of Women at Play and creator of the global More Play, Better Life Movement. (womenatplay.ca & www.moreplaybetterlife.com) She is an avid supporter of women’s wellbeing and thrives on empowering women to live a life they love — whatever that means personally for them! Christine is a Certified Laughter Yoga leader, Sacred Pregnancy instructor, Women’s Circle leader, and holds a diploma of Social Work. Her family of four lives in London, Ontario and they can often be found dancing, laughing, and playing…with a bit of craziness thrown in too (keepin’ in real)! Christine is your go-to facilitator to help you create a world with more joy, more fun, and more life!

Get Respected

Jennifer Alexander

A nationally recognized teacher of almost 20 years, Jennifer Elizabeth Alexander is a Mind Calm Mentor trained in California, the UK and recently Boston; she is passionate about teaching other entrepreneurs how to think most powerfully — with calm and clarity. Your mind is an essential starting point for your business decisions and Jennifer’s mind calm teachings will help you think more skillfully so that you can bring more of your best self to your business and your life.

Get Reactive

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Janet Benedict

With 22 years of experience offering training and motivation to create success for thousands of direct sellers in corporate Canada, Janet is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to overcome the struggles they face in promoting their direct sales businesses. She believes that everyone has the power to succeed and offers mentoring and bootcamps for small businesses and direct sales entrepreneurs.

Special Guest

MoxRed (2)Monica Miatello

Monica has a full and rewarding life, parenting her daughters, practicing pharmacy, playing hockey, performing on the drums, riding her Harley Davidson and caring for her two English Bulldogs Bella and Cooper. Monica refers to herself as the “Forrest Gump” of transsexuals as she has had a rich and full life on both sides of the gender divide. From experience in the pharmacy career she will entertain us with whimsical stories about funny and awkward business moments that you will either relate to or get a laugh out of!

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