Our Official WIB Experts have been accepted to represent WIB because they offer professional and reliable service and are official Members of either WIBusiness. They all offer special rates, discounts or a special offer to WIB Members.

If you would like to apply to be an official Service Provider please Download the
Service Provider Agreement and return to Sherry Simoes by email sherry@wibusiness.net


Anne Marie Phelan

Since falling in love with photography at a young age, Anne Marie is now the owner of her own photography business and is affiliated with Obeo Real Estate Photography. The official WIBusiness photographer, Anne Marie offers professional headshots and product photography to help entrepreneurs and their business shine.

Anne Marie offers preferred rates for WIB Members

Check out her list of services here

Email info@phelanphoto.com

Website www.phelanphotos.com

Website & SEO ServicesMaggie

Maggie Kozlowski

Maggie’s passion has always been in the area of digital and on line technologies. In 2003 she completed a diploma in computer programming and recently she achieved a post grad certificate in Marketing Management with a comprehensive focus on digital marketing. Maggie can help you set up your website in WordPress, be found by search engines through organic searches (SEO), set up your Google AdWords campaigns, analyze your website using Google Analytics and manage your social media.

Maggie offers a 15% discount off Website Design, Hosting & SEO Services for WIB Members

Email maggie@generationseo.com
Website www.generationseo.com


Relationship Marketing through Cards

Elsa Winterkorn
Elsa is the owner of Sole-istic Touch, her successful home based spa. Elsa implemented using Send Out Cards since she started up her business 5 years ago. Being able to thank all her new spa clients and as well referrals instantly in a very personal way is the best way to stay connected and this system makes it easy! Send Out Cards are real cards made on line that go into the physical mail allowing you to build relationships and grow your  business through this unique relationship marketing tool. Elsa will be supporting members to get set up using Send Out Cards as well as mentoring them about building Relationships through sending cards!

Elsa offers free training on the Send Out Card System for all WIB Members!

Using Apps for Business Productivity

Rakhee Chopra

Rakhee has been an entrepreneur for more than 25years. She has two diploma in Fashion design from two different countries. She currently has her own fashion line that flatters curves and enhances their beauty.

She is also a self love coach where she shares the tools and techniques with women so they can unleash their inner diva and Remodel their minds to love themselves.  Apart from her passion for fashion, she also has a keen interest in the latest apps in the market. She has effectively managed to use these apps to make them the most efficient for her business. She is very passionate about helping her fellow entrepreneurs become massively successful. She can’t wait to share many of these time saving apps which will save you money in the long run.
Website:  rakheechopra.com

Self Care Expert

Tara Robinson-Kovach

Tara studied Indian Head Massage in 2012 with the Canadian School of Indian Head Massage. She went on to study Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage at Holistic Insights graduating in 2016. Tara offers various head to toe massage and workshops on living happier, less stressed lives.

Her interests include stress and it’s effects on our lives, and how to live a healthier life naturally. She looks forward to sharing her expertise and self care tips with WIB members.

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