Pauline is a Certified Positivity Training and Communication Coach who works with women who want to learn to speak with confidence, on and off the stage. Whether it be your 30 second intro that needs polishing or you have an important meeting to lead or talk to present, Pauline can work with you on what to say and how to say it! She also works with women who want to change their lives: women who are tired of leading joyless, frantic, rushed, meaningless lives and want to experience positive energy and laughter, relaxation and focused success.

Pauline’s Services

The Perfect Pitch

Do you grab people’s attention and make them want to chat with you when you give your 30-second intro at a networking meeting? Is the audience captivated by your words, or do you leave them yawning? Let our professional duo help you with the Perfect 30 Second Pitch so you stand out and are remembered!

Includes 1 hour with Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Communications Mentor and a written evaluation of your presentation plus professional copywriting by Dawn Lyons, Copywriting Mentor.

Additional time may be requited based on the individual’s level of confidence and experience.

$150 (WIB Members $120)

Preparing to Speak Captivatingly

Have a speaking engagement and need some help to make sure you make an impact on stage?

Pauline will work with you one-on-one to prepare for a specific presentation in person or via Skype to plan and practice your speech so that you wow the crowd!

Pauline shares her tips on captivating your audience and keeping them engaged, how to get over the jitters and ideas on how to present yourself professionally on stage.

Small Presentation – $129 (WIM Members $99)

Medium Presentation -$189 (WIM Members $149)

Large Presentation – $299 (WIB Members $249)
Includes a onsite no audience practice if local

Soaring to Success Evaluation

Pauline will attend your live event and give a feedback report and suggestions. Your feedback report will include what Pauline loved and tips for how you can be even more successful in the future.

London, Ontario and surrounding area $129.00 (WIB Members $99)

One-on-one Speaking Coaching

If you want to work one-on-one with Pauline to learn any aspect of communication you want to polish she offers 1 hour sessions for $75 (WIB Members $50)

Speaking for Success: Communication That Clicks Workshop

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