It is simply this: What you send out as a communicator will come back to you just like a real boomerang ( Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Confidence, Enthusiasm).

This works whether you are speaking to one person or to a room full of people, whether you are in a family celebration or a company event.

Scared Speaking

The scared stiff individual  ( speaker)  looks nervous, acts insecure and is so concerned about their own feelings that the listener (s) audience begin to feel uneasy.

Their unease comes back to the speaker who feels more uneasy and the cycle grows.

I know about this horrible feeling of defeat that stifles all spontaneity.  It has happened to me. It feels awful and I can relate with any nervous person who is reading this.

Confident Speaking

On the other hand , acting and looking confident can be as readily felt by listeners.

They respond with interest. They smile and look at you with eager attention.

They applaud. They may even laugh at your jokes. You may feel comfortable enough to share your naturally funny side, the side usually reserved for only the select few.

You feel so delighted at the response that you can’t wait to speak again!

This is why energizing presenters connect with a click! Their enthusiasm goes out to the audience and comes back in the form of smiles, nods, and encouragement.

It is why speakers who share from the heart receive standing ovations.

It is why triumphant leaders who have overcome challenges inspire followers.

Personally Speaking

I am happy to say that I have also experienced this positive boomerang effect.

Positive boomerang experiences give me not only a delight in speaking but an eternal  passion for sharing that delight in speaking .

Communication that clicks is not only possible but like the boomerang keeps on returning to you the speaker with rewards beyond your wildest dreams!

The Best Part! With the right coaching everyone can learn to deliver Communication That Clicks!

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