I see a lot of funny things going on with Hastags. People seem to just make them up on the fly but those people have got the wrong idea about hastags. So let’s talk here abut what they really are and how to use them.
A hashtag is a keyword phrase that is spelled out without spaces and a (#) in front that are used to categorize things on social media.

The hashtag originated on Twitter but can be used on Facebook and Instagram too now.

They can be placed anywhere in your posts on social media: beginning, end, middle – wherever you want them.

They can be used to tie together any public conversations but the post has to be public to be found in search.

Searching for a hashtag can be done by either clicking on one, searching in a social media platform or using a 3rd party tool.

Hashtags really can be very valuable in your marketing effort but they need to be chosen and used properly.
Don’t simply create a hashtag to have one. Instead, make sure this is something that will stick with your audience in a positive way. Successful hashtags are often:
• On the shorter side
• Easy to remember
• Consistent with your brand
• Exclusive to your brand
• Focused on one message
• Unique and not generic
If you follow these basic tips, you’re destined to have a good and memorable hashtag.
Hashtags should make sense and relevant for your topic.
Hashtags should have a purpose and should only be the subject, genre or emotion behind a post.

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