IMG_1617Images are becoming increasingly important to any online marketing. From your blog to your social media posts, the marketing that gets the most attention are those items with compelling photos or graphics. Knowing where to get quality images is vital.

There are two sites often recommended for “free” photos that I suggest you stay away from: Flickr and Google Images. The vast majority of images on both of these sites are in fact copyrighted and are NOT readily available for your legal use.

In my workshops, whenever I speak about using photos in a presentation or marketing, someone always asks about Google Images. Many time when I am working with a client and we are fine tuning their marketing pieces I ask them where they got their images they say “I did a Google search.”

It is so easy to find pictures using the image search function of Google. In fact you can uusally find the image you need in minutes so why don’t I recommend it? Because in almost every case, it is more risky than you could imagine. Why? Because photos are copyrighted and you can’t use them without permission.

Even though it looks like there is no watermark or there is no mention of a copyright you never know if someone has purchased that image for their use.

Within the last 5 years 2 of my clients have gotten sued by Getty Images in the amount of $3000 and $5000 so take control, get educated and cover your butt!

This month’s training on Using Images in Your Marketing will help you do just this plus discover some clever ways to use images!

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