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Networking in the Real World
with Sherry Simoes & Janet Benedict
Monday’s at 1pm EST

Power Your Direct Sales
with Janet Benedict
Feeling at a standstill?  Let’s uncover the ways we can help move you forward in your direct sales business through conversation.
Tuesday’s at 1pm EST

The Entrepreneurs’ Water Cooler with Janet Benedict
The place to go to ask questions and solve your business related concerns.
Wednesday’s at 1pm EST



The Holistic Circle
with Kelly Rogers
Thursday’s at 1pm EST

In The Spotlight
with Sherry Simoes

Friday’s at 1pm EST



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Local Talent

Mountain of Wolves

Mountain of Wolves combine the genres of folk, rock, and country, concocting a sound that’s purely unique and purely their own! Having traversed the Ontario terrain, they’ve garnered a fan base from Sault Ste. Marie back home to London and onwards South.

Music available here

Justin Plet

Justin Plets blend of Adult Contemporary Pop has a distinctly Canadian feel. His influences range from Jim Cuddy, to David Gray, to Bruce Springsteen, to Pilate and Radiohead. This diverse collection of inspiration ads to his unique take on the genre.

Music available here

 Mirage 13 Band

MirageMirage is a group of three humans inspired by fuzzy distorted guitar, loud bass scales, heavy drum fills and intense vocals. Dubbed by listeners as a mix of 90’s grunge, alt. rock and punk, Mirage self describes as underground rock (rumbling so super deep below the earth’s surface you could basically call it seaweed level). The band was created 4632 hours into 2013 by Pike & Brick, who are sisters that write music to express themselves and dive out of reality. Intensified by Jordan, smashing in with dynamic beats, the trio is hugely inspired by all kinds of music…and sounds…and art…and experiences. They love to play live and loud. So to catch them doing just that, click the shows tab.

Gypsy Ghosts

Gypsy Ghosts are an electric and theatrical band based out of London, Ontario. Both infectious and haunting motifs have inspired three bodies of work. The first self-titled EP was recorded with Greg Hatchette on the summer supermoon of 2012. The second EP, Bird Language, was recorded at EMAC studios with Matt Grady (2013) with the winnings of the 98.1 Free FM “under the covers” contest. After a successful crowd funded campaign, Gypsy Ghosts returned to EMAC studios in 2014 to record their first full-length album, Madmen Only.

Music available here

 Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is a London, Ontario pop/rock singer-songwriter who is currently sharing her third full-length CD, 11, with the world.  11 follows Sarah’s previous full-length CDs, Stronger Now (2012) and The Journey (2014). A seasoned road warrior whose full-time touring schedule dates back to her days in Canadian rock band The Joys, Sarah continues to feel most at home on-stage. She plays nearly 300 shows per year, primarily in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


 Gracie Shram

Singer/songwriter Gracie Schram is already a veteran of the music industry. Since releasing her debut album at the age of 10, Gracie has continued to create and record music while developing her signature indie-pop sound that combines soulful vocals with subtle but powerful acoustics and soaring harmonies.

What sets Gracie apart isn’t just her youth, talent, and style – it’s her incredible sense of purpose. Ever since her debut album, Showers from God, a portion of the proceeds from Gracie’s music is given to humanitarian causes amounting to more than $40,000 to date. It is her hope that her songs and her story will empower people to make a positive change in the world around them.

The following songs are Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Forever”, “The Calling”, “Jet Black Rose”
Exzel Music Publishing (

“Daddy’s Words”
written by Gary Strausbaugh (

“Easy to forget”
Exzel Music Publishing (

“Shelter from the Storm'”
Exzel Music Publishing (

“I’ll do what You ask”
Exzel Music Publishing (

“Where You Are”
Exzel Music Publishing (

“Wash Away”
Exzel Music Publishing (

Public Domain Music

Imperfect Echoes, Water Lillies
Artist Kevin MacLeod
Dedicated to the Public Domain December 2016

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