So you are Tweeting up a storm – or not because you do not know what time is the best.

There is a pretty cool tool tool that will make recommendations based on the time your followers are online and how your tweets have performed.

It is an App called Tweriod and there is a free plan and a Premium plan. You get a weekly report sent to your email.Premium plans start at $3.99 a month up to $15.00 depending on the numbers of followers you have. Up to 4,999 is the $3.99 plan.

I have been using the Free App for WIBusiness and find it very helpful! Here is our latest report:

Twitter Time

So, now you know when the best time is but how do you set up to reach them without having to remember to Tweet at these times?

Schedule them. Hootsuite is an easy to use service that you can do just that. The great thing is that you can also post to your Facebook and LinkedIn Pages at the same time!

Do not forget to create campaigns and do not just Tweet something once unless it is a non-promotional Tweet such as a motivational quote or something you are simply sharing.

Your Promotional Tweets should be 25% or less as remember Twitter is also about relationship building and you cannot build them when you are just selling.

Buffer is a great tool to use as well as within seconds you can Tweet right from the page or site you are on by installing the app for the browser you use. I love this tool. In fact as as soon as I am done this post I will simply click on the icon top right and compose a Tweet!

These are just a few quick tips that you can use to make Twitter work for you.

Happy Tweeting!
Sherry Lynn


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